windowclerk screen recorder for macos

mac screen recorder with system audio

Most, if not all, screen recording apps on the Mac completely suck. With QuickTime player, you cannot record system audio. With third party screen recording apps, you need to install system hacks or audio drivers to be able to record, messing up you audio routing.

When screen recording a specific window, you cannot move that window or else your recording will be messed up. When some other window comes in front of the window you are recording, again your recording will be messed up.

And so on and so forth. Not anymore. I have made a new screen recording app for macOS that does the job and then some. WindowClerk Screen Recorder works natively and requires NO system hacks & NO special audio drivers or other things you need to configure.

It can record multiple windows, multiple screens, all with their own audio. You can move windows around and not mess up your recording. You can move things in front, and recording will still be fine.

It’s a free download in the Mac App Store. If you want to record beyond 5 minutes, a small In App Purchase will give you that. Amazing!


• Screen record with internal audio
• Screen record any single window including the sound from the app it belongs to
• Screen record multiple windows simultaneously to separate video files
• Screen record windows even when they’re covered by something else
• Screen record windows even when they’re partly off-screen
• Screen record windows even if you move them while recording
• All recordings saved in high-quality mp4 format.

Download WindowClerk Screen Recorder now, it’s free!

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